2019 Calendar of Events

2019 Calendar of Events






1-31                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Choice (DH)

1-31                 Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Awareness Month (DH)

1-31                 Adventist Youth in Prayer

1-April 30       NJC Bible Championships – Local Churches

1-31                 Adventist Youth in Prayer (AYIP)

3                      Workers Meeting       

5                      Personal Ministries Sabbath

5                      Day of Prayer and Fasting*

6                      Leaders’ Council - (Brown’s Town)

9-19                 Ten Days of Prayer*                                                  

12                    Health Ministries Day*/Health Promoters’ Certification Launch                             

12                    Launch – Be my Mentor

12                    Online Consultation on reclaiming of former Members

13                    Convention – Trelawny (Falmouth)

14                    Teacher’ Certification Programme begin (MH)

16                    Launch of Heritage Quiz (period 1915-2000)

19                    Religious Liberty Day*

19                    Beginning Evangelism Campaign LTM and TMI (ATCU &JAMU)

19                    LTM/TMI Evangelistic Campaigns begin – Division-wide

19                    Stewardship Sabbath

19-21               Week of Prayer of the Pastoral Family

20                    Convention – St. Ann (Exchange)

24                    JAMU Executive Committee Meeting

26                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day All Churches#

26-27               Adventist Youth Leaders’ & Officers’ Training

27-Feb.9         Public Campus Ministries Evangelism Outreach (DF)




1-28                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Exercise

2                      Reach the World: Personal Outreach*                      

2                      Community Services Sabbath

3                      St. Ann & Trelawny Health Project

2-9                   LTM/TMI Intensive Campaigns (ATCU & JAMU)

9                      LTM/TMI Convention and Baptisms, Division-wide#

9                      Education Sabbath

9-16                 Christian Home and Marriage Week* 

11-15               Friendship Week in Schools

16                    Church Elders Certification Virtual Program

16                    Youth Sabbath

16                    Family Ministries Sabbath

17                    Church Clerks’ Training - Trelawny

20                    Executive Committee Meeting, North Jamaica Conference

23                    LTM/TMI Baptism day All Churches#

24                    Church Clerk Training - Trelawny

28                    JAMU Executive Committee Meeting




1-31                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Liquids

1-31                 Cardiovascular Disease, Prevention and Reversal Month

2                      Personal Ministries Sabbath

2                      Women’s Day of Prayer* 

6                      Youth and Health Ministries Hike                                         

9                      Adventist World Radio Adventist World Radio*

9                      Special Needs Awareness Day (AC)

9-15                 Special Needs Awareness Week (AC)

14-17               JAMU Literature Evangelists Model School Institute, Camp Verley

16-23               Youth Week of Prayer*                                             

16                    Global Children’s Day/Global Youth Day*                                                  

23                    Christian Education*  

23                    Community Services/PM/SS & Health Ministries Dept. Parish Rally (St. Ann)

24                    Elders’ Doctrinal Congress    

28                    JAMU Executive Committee Meeting

29-31               JAMU Vacation Bible School Workshop (LV)

30                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day All Churches#

30                    Elders’ Affirmation Day (JS)

30                    Local Church/BNC/Publishing Ministries Promotion/ Rally Clark’s Town

31                Schools’ Jamboree (MH)




1-30                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Environment (DH)

2                      World Autism Awareness Day (DH)

2                      Pastors Meeting

6                      Personal Ministries Sabbath

6                      Day of Prayer and Fasting     

6                      Singles’ Conference                          

13                    Friends of Hope Day (Visitor’s Day)*                                  

13                    Mission Promotion World Mission*                         

13                    Youth Spiritual Commitment*

17                    Executive Committee Meeting, North Jamaica Conference

17                    IAD Virtual Training for Pastors

18-22               JAMU Youth Jamboree (DF)         

20                    World Impact (Distribution) Day      

20                    Stewardship Sabbath

20                    JAMU GEMS Convention

20-26               Literature Evangelism Rally Week* / Ocho Rios/St. Ann’s Bay      

21-27               Administrative Professional Week

24                    Administrative Professional Day

26-28               Medical Missionary, Women, Children & Adolescents Leadership

Certificate Training

27                    Special Needs Awareness Day*

27                    Community Services/PM/SS & Health Ministries Dept. Parish Rally (Trelawny)

27                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day All Churches#




1-31                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Belief (DH)

1-31                 Child Month

1- June30         NJC Bible Championships - District Playoffs

4-25                 Drug Awareness Emphasis*                                      

4                      Reach the World: Using Communication Channels*

4                      World Children Health Emphasis Day (DH &LV)

5                      Deployment day OYIM/ Youth Evangelism

11                    Reach the World: In the Community, Disaster/Famine Relief*

11                    Publishing Ministries Day

11                    Women’s Health Awareness Day

17                    National Children’s Day (LV)

18                    Adventist Youth Day

18                    Health Ministries Sabbath     

22-24               JAMU Teachers’ Retreat (MH)

23                    Labour Day

25                    World Day of Prayer for Children

25                    Family and Children’s Ministries Convention                      

25                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day (Children & Adolescents Ministries) All Churches#

31                    World No Tobacco Day/Breathe Free (DH)




1-30                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Rest

1                      Reach the World - Bible Study: Sabbath School and Correspondence Courses*

1                      Personal Ministries Sabbath

1-30                 Youth Mentoring Month

3 -13                JAMU Mid-Year Meetings

6-13                 Youth Evangelistic Campaigns

7-9                   Lay Preachers’ Institute

8                      Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day*

9                      NJC Conference Sports Day                                                  

15                    Reach the World – Reach Across: Nurturing and Reclaiming*                    

15                    Adventist Church World Refugee Day

15                    Men’s Health Awareness Day (DH & LV)

18                    Ministerial CEU Seminar for Pastors

19                    Executive Committee Meeting, North Jamaica Conference

23                    Leader’s Council/Doctrinal Congress & Blood Drive Collection

26-30               Special Needs Ministries Congress

29                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day (Women Ministries) All Churches#

30                    Women’s Convention Conference-wide




1-30                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Air (DH)

2                      Pastors Meeting

3-6                   JAMU GAIN Conference (NC)

6                      Personal Ministries Sabbath

6                      Day of Prayer and Fasting                             

6-13                 Youth Evangelistic Campaigns

6-20                 Women’s Crusades (LTM)

13                    Missions Promotion*                         

13                    Transformed Generation Baptism Day

15-17               SeLD Conference

16-23               Summer Camp

20                    Reach the World: Media Ministry*                           

20                    NJC Bible Championships - Finals

20                    Stewardship Sabbath

20                    ASI Day

20                    Heritage Quiz Finals: St. Ann

20-28               Youth Evangelism: Beach & Reach/Women’s Creative

25                    JAMU Executive Committee Meeting

26 – 28            JAMU Comprehensive Health Ministries Summit (DH)

27                    Children’s Sabbath*                                                  

27                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day All Churches#

27                    Heritage Quiz Finals: Trelawny

28                    Beach and Reach / Women’s Creative Fest

31                    JAMU All-island Workers’ Family Fun Day




1-31                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Temperance/ Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Awareness and Prevention Month

1-31                 NJC Debates

1-31                 Vacation Bible School

3                      Global Mission Evangelism*

3                      Day of Prayer for the Nation (DH)                         

3                      Community Services Sabbath

4                      Save-A-Youth & Health Ministries 5K Walk

9-11                 Graduation, Northern Caribbean University

10                    Reach the World: Church Planting*                          

10                    Education Sabbath

17                    Education Day*                                                         

17                    Adventist Youth Day

17                    Family Ministries Sabbath

18                    HYPE Sports Day (DF)

21                    Executive Committee Meeting, North Jamaica Conference

24                    enditnow Day*                                                           

24                    Lay Evangelism* 

24                    Elders’ Appreciation Day                                                      

26                    Workers’ Meeting

29                    JAMU Executive Committee Meeting

31                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day All Churches#

31                    Local Church/BNC/Publishing Ministries Promotion / Moneague




1-31                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Integrity (DH)

1-30                 NJC Debates

7                      Laity Appreciation Day (JS)

7                      Personal Ministries Sabbath

7                      Youth Spiritual Commitment Divisions Celebration

7                      Home Coming Sabbath in all of the Division

8-14                 Family Togetherness Week*

12                    Women’s Summit (LV)                                          

14                    Mission Promotion*

14                    Heritage Quiz Conference Finals

15-21               Health Week

21                    Health Symposium - Clark’s Town, Trelawny          

21                    Pathfinder Day*

26                    JAMU Executive Committee Meeting

27-28               Bible Conference and Bible Connection Finals (DF)                               

28                    Sabbath School Guest Day*    

28                    Day for the Deaf (AC)                                 

28                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day (Family Ministries) All Churches#

29                    Elders’ Prophecy Congress




1-31                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Optimism

1-31                 Mental Health Awareness & Prevention Month

1                      Pastors Meeting

5                      Personal Ministries Sabbath

5                      Day of Prayer and Fasting                                         

5                      Adventist Review Subscription*                               

6                      "Move to Live"

11-13               Youth Honours Camp

11-13               Education Heritage Weekend (MH)

12                    Adventist Teachers Day of Appreciation-IAD Territory*

12                    Heritage Quiz Final (JS)

13-19               Children and Adolescents Week of Prayer

16                    Executive Committee Meeting, North Jamaica Conference

18-20               Global Public Campus Ministries Weekend*

18-20               Singles Retreat (Family/Women/Youth Ministries)                         

19                    Spirit of Prophecy and Adventist Heritage

19                    Children and Adolescents Day

24-27               Women’s Retreat

26                    JAMU Executive Committee Meeting

26                    Pastor Appreciation Day

26                    Creation Sabbath Faith & Science Conference

26                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day All Churches#




1-30                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Nutrition (DH)

1-30                 Youth Mentorship Month

2-9                   Week of Prayer *                                                      

9                      Annual Sacrifice+                                                     

9                      Women’s Ministries Day

9                      Annual General Meeting – Trelawny Adventist Youth Federation

14                    World Diabetes Day (DH)

16                    Adventist Youth Day

16                    Health Ministries Sabbath – Symposium, St. Ann’s Bay

16                    Foster Care & Vulnerable Children’s Day

18-26               JAMU Year-end Meetings

19                    International Men’s Day

23                    St. Ann Federation of SDA Youth AGM

25                    International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women

30                    HIV/AIDS Awareness*                                               

30                    LTM/TMI Baptism day All Churches#

30                    Annual General Meeting: Community Services/SS/PM & Health Ministries

30                    Local Church/BNC/Publishing Ministries Promotion/Rally Reid’s Friendship




1                      World AIDS Day (DH)

1-31                 CELEBRATIONS – Emphasis on Social Support (DH)

1-31                 Church Board Members’ Training

7                      Personal Ministries Sabbath

7                      Stewardship *

7                      Health Emphasis Day and Health Ministries CELEBRATION Day (DH)

7                      Investiture Service & YOW Awards 

11                    Executive Committee Meeting, North Jamaica Conference

14                    Health Emphasis*

14                    Celebration – The Talking Backpack                                   

18-21               Camp Meeting & Lay Preachers’ Institute

22                    Leaders’ Council

28                    LTM/TMI Baptism Day All Churches






Assigned Sabbaths (Quarterly)


1st Sabbaths:    1st and 3rd Months – Personal Ministries

1st Sabbaths:    2nd Months - 1st and 3rd Quarter – Community Services

2nd Sabbaths:   2nd Months – 1st and 3rd Quarter – Education

2nd Sabbath:    2nd Month – 2nd Quarter – Publishing

2nd Sabbath:    2nd Month – 4th Quarter – Women

3rd Sabbaths:   2nd Months –Youth

3rd Sabbaths:   1st Months – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quarter – Stewardship

3rd Sabbaths:   2nd Months – 1st and 3rd Quarter – Family Life 

3rd Sabbaths:   2nd Months – 2nd and 4th Quarter – Health

4th Sabbaths:   Local Church

5th Sabbaths:   Local Church/BNC/Publishing Ministries Promotion

  1. Church Clerk Reports are due the 10th day of the first month after the end of each quarter.


Note:      Where there are calendared dates and events from the Higher Organization the Local Conference’s dates and events give way to the Higher Organization’s Programmes.


*  Program provided by the General Conference or by the Inter-American Division

+ Worldwide Offering– Special offerings are included in the systematic plan of the Division

#  Organized Baptisms are conducted and recognition of those baptized during the quarter

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