Emotional Pastor Baptizes Mother after 19 Years

Pastor Jermaine Johnson

By Pastor Jermaine Johnson

March 04, 2019
Pastor Parkinson baptizing mother

Pastor Parkinson baptizing mother

She delivered him decades ago; now he delivers her, in Jesus’ name.

It was an overwhelming experience for both mother and son, as Pastor Kirkwood Parkinson baptized his 59 year-old mother Kathlee Kerr. The baptism, which took place on Sabbath, March 2, 2019 at the Ginger Bottom River, in Mile End, St. Ann, marked an answer to Parkinson’s prayer of 19 years – the length of time he had tried to win his mother to Jesus Christ, before the recent conversion.

Parkinson, a minister of religion in the North Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (NJC) for the past nine years, had just concluded The Way to Happiness Series, in the Exchange District of Churches, where he serves as Senior Pastor. And like the good wine left until the last, a week after the gospel campaign ended, four more precious souls were added to the kingdom of God, to include the young minister’s mother. Her baptism marked the 49th person he has baptized since the beginning of 2019.

Speaking with NJC Communication about the exhilarating incident, Parkinson said, “I am overjoyed! It’s a feeling that I can’t even explain. Baptizing my own mother was an overwhelming occasion, and I am very grateful to God that she has entered the kingdom.”

When contacted about the phenomenal event, Kerr stated, “I was emotional and overjoyed. It felt good! It had been a long time coming, and I’m happy I got saved, especially through the ministry of my son.”

Of the near 500 people Pastor Parkinson has already baptized through his ministry, He said, “Every soul I have led to the Lord is precious; but this one will forever hold an extraordinary sentiment in my heart.”

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